Circle of Slaughter mission list

Hi all,
My question is after you complete a circle of slaughter missions do they go into the completed missions list.
Reason i ask is i did slaughter shaft multiplayer and its not in the mission list at all.
Then i completed the cistern one solo and that one is in the mission to do list but not under completed missions like i expected it to be.

Hope i have put this question in the right place.

Thanks in advance.

As I remember it is on the list, the same as all Proving Grounds.

Its a bit strange that 1 of them is but the other isn’t though.
The one that isn’t was the one i done in multiplayer so maybe that has something to do with it.
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

If there is one mission before the fight in SS (like the Discover mission in Proving Grounds or Slaughter 3000) it may show on the list once you complete it in solo play. I’m sure that how it works for Proving Grounds, you can complete the mission in coop, but still missing the Discover mission and it will not count to overall progress.
I’ll check later if Slaughter Shaft is on my list.

Thanks that is great info and makes perfect sense. I look forward to hearing if its on your list.