Circle of slaughter/ Proving Grounds

I am incredibly frustrated with this game. I could queue from now till the end of time and still have no confidence of ever finding a group for proving grounds. Circle of slaughter i tend to find ’ a group’ within around 15m whilst i do normal campaign mode. Over the last week the group has consisted (every time) of just putting me with 1 person which is a joke so thats a waste of time. Prior to that i’ve only ever managed to finish slaughter once out of the 7 times i’d played it, 3 crashed mid way through, 2 we couldn’t complete because of the rak hiding away, 1 we just failed and then the others completed. Not only that but the amount of times its connected my to a group this last week (1 person) when i go back to normal campaign mode at least 50% of the time it completely fks whatever mission im running. I paid £85 quid for a game that was nowhere near ready for release!!! The 2 ppl i originally bought the game to do campaign with have chuffed it off because of the ‘cloud saves’ that removed all their character progress 1 guy stayed after his character save was removed only then to subsequently quit because it happened to him again!! Its pathetic, how can they get away with charging this amount of money for a game on release with game breaking issues like this that nearly 3 months down the line are still not fing sorted!!! By the time this comes available on steam no doubt these issues will have been sorted so they can get another ton of money but no doubt they’ll be paying far less than we have and have a way more pleasurable experience. There’s been a worrying trend recently with triple A games wherere they release a game with numerous issues none as game breaking as bl3 though and just think its fine because they plan on doing consistent updates. It’s not fine!!! Release the game when it’s ready!!! You know, how they always used to !