Circle of slaughter reward is junk

My buddy and I two manned it last night. He’s level 18 and I’m 50. The mode is fun and Challenging. We did slaughter star 3000. slogged our way to round 5 and beat red and blue with barely any ammo left. Took us maybe an hour or so. It was a lot of fun. And what did we get for our slogging and time effort? Not one legendary dropped within the arena and the jerk marine gave me 52k as a reward.

Come on man. At least one legendary for the effort. I mean I can farm katagawa and get legendaries for minimal effort in a matter of minutes.

Dev team. At least add a guaranteed legendary or more at the end of every 5 rounds as a reward to make it worth anyone’s while. Needs a serious loot increase.


The circle of slaugher and proving grounds clear rewards are very lackluster IMO. I feel both contents need a bit of a revamp in rewards system and atleast in the case of proving grounds the actual bosses need a revamp also because to me they just feel like normal badass enemies with more health that can swap elements during the fight.

Do the slaughter shaft on mayhem 3 tvhm. Going through it will be its own reward

stupid amount of legendaries while in online mode.jpg

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Assigning dedicated loot pools to both circles of slaughers and proving grounds would greatly improve the value of playing these modes


Slaughter shaft gives a lot of legendaries every time (15/20ish after 5 rounds) but the other two and proving grounds reward almost nothing for some reasons.

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my circle of slaughter bugged today every single monster was dropping like 3/4 legendaries and the host legit left ? xD

I don’t understand why/how this link keeps getting views when there have been no posts on this thread since launch month, not complaining though.

But as an update, on M11 slaughter shaft now drops 50-70 legendaries a run now, decent for farming specific anointments on world drops.

One run yields this.

Wow, talk about a necro thread.

Give slaughter shaft a try tomorrow with a coop buddy when the event starts. I remember last year having to stop two rounds in to clear some of the loot because it was lagging the game with how much was dropping.

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