Circle of slaughter with almost all annointeds

After the new week event started yesterday I did the slaughter shaft and noticed very quickly I was almost only getting annointeds every round, like dozens. My guardian rank is about 260+ and i got about 10 or more tokens. My question is was this just a random possibility or a glitch or what? I’ve tried running more to get that again but I’ve had no such luck. Have any of you did a slaughter run with almost all annointeds!

if you dont get anointed on all legendary item from circle of slaughter than its a waste of time (so yea to answer your question its normal), because graveward dies in like 5 seconds he drops anointed every kill, a circle of slaughter can be done in 15 mins if you dont get at least 20 anointed weapons its a waste of time.

Bro you didn’t even read what I said. I was getting all annointeds ENEMIES not weapons. I did a slaughter run and got almost only annointeds bad guys trying to killl me

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ah I see sorry, well almost all anointed enemies in offline its normal yes, in online must be a bug or you lost internet connection and the slaughter house was in offline mode ? idk is either a bug or offline mode

you in my playground .if you offline there you get anoind enemy . and massive quantity drop not quality . but at mayhem 3 . its 900% exp … my guardian rank is same as you .so. emm. cheer

its not give quality anointed its all green and blue at my offline. . but when I online I keep got my phasecast and phase slam gun at anointed .

oh yes, about anointed enemy lets burn it - o - . if militant you need phasegrab or lift up it. or wait until his shield down