Circles of Slaughter for DLC's

Am I the only one that thinks it’d actually be a decent idea to put some sort of Circle of Slaughter in DLC’s? I generally find muderering an absolutely unreasonable amount of enemies more fun and having challenging mobs in the fray to fight as well, much more then save and quitting over 50 different times and more just farming a single boss/miniboss. Another great thing about it would be how it’d lead for a fun, reliable and perhaps quick way to get your vault hunter hands on some of the new DLC gear. In reality, i’d just love to see a DLC 2 themed circle of slaughter, the vibe and feel of the entire DLC is amazing and as a lovecraft fan it’s nice to see. Anyway, is it just me, or would Circle’s of Slaughter for DLC be an actually good idea?


There was one in Tiny Tina’s DLC in BL2… I’d love to see more. There still 2 more DLC’s this year… Here’s to hoping!

Tentacle slaughter - I’m surprised they didn’t (the Magic slaughter from Tina’s DLC was fantastic).

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More slaughters please :pray:

I would love Slaughters with the enemy types that are in both DLC’s. Especially DLC 2’s enemies they are mostly very interesting. Slaughter Shaft is my favorite content in the game I’m totally down for more like it.


Here’s hoping later down the road they add slaughter maps to all DLC

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YES! Circles are my go to thing in this game. I’d have loved to see a loader circle in the Handsome Jackpot DLC and another one for the new enemies here. C’mon, Gearbox, what’s a man gotta do?

It’s probably easier to create than a Takedown as well since all you need to create is one area as opposed to lots of them and boss mechanics on top of that. Ooo… Imagine if they’ve been making them all along and plan on releasing them all at once at the end of the final DLC. Well, a man can dream.

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Omg yes please. No hyperion slaughter now no tentacal

Whyyyyyy gbx

Proving grounds of these tooo would be nice


To: marketing@gearboxsoftwareˌcom
Cc: @Noelle_GBX
From: trending@lrwgroupˌcom
Subject: Outreach Marketing RFP: feasibility study for new DLC

Body: A number of players have shown interest in a particular brand of downloadable content, which we recommend be sent to marketing for review and consideration as potential sale material. This sort of thing has been successful in the past (see Moxxi’s Underdome Riot from BL1, Creature Slaughter from BL2, Shock Drop Slaughter and Holodome Onslaught from TPS as examples from prior franchises). We were going to bring this up at GUR 2020, but that cancellation has obviously affected us all. Please have Stacey in Marketing contact us to start a feasibility study for this for Borderlands 3, focusing on the unique character set in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC. We believe that there is both enough material and public interest here for a viable product.


If they did DLC related circles of slaughter it would be an opportunity to put weapons like the Scoville, Ember’s Purge and the like back into circulation. To be kept rare, they’d be dropped from specific enemies on the final round.