Cistern of slaughter access?

Does the door to the instance unlock after story progression?

I get to the location but it is blocked off before the instance


Just open your option menu, go to social tab, and then tab over once, you will see Circle of Slaughter there and can queue for it anytime.

Happens to me too,i try matching cannot find nobody hope they fix it soon

I think its bugged, im trying to play is solo going to the area in game


Hey, i know it‘s been a while since this was asked but I tried and I think you have to get to Knotty Peak and speak to wrainwright. After that it was open for me.


I have completed all side quests for Metroplex. This is my second play through. I still cannot unlock Cistern of Slaughter. Is matchmaking the only solution?

Been paying attention to this “issue”, on both of my toons where I was checking regularly, Cistern of Slaughter unlocked when I dinged level 20 so maybe that could be the minimum requirement. Coincidentally, I was towards Hamlock and have unlocked Athenas so it could be that too (or both). Anyway, I doubt you can access it before level 20.

This, I think is some bug.

This also worked for me. Ty

Im lev 48 and on 2nd run through door is shut

If this is a bug, I wish they would fix it because it has been an issue for a lot of people for weeks now.

@deaconfrost9 My Zane is lvl 50 and the door is still shut. Good luck unlocking the door.

It precisely happens when you first land on Eden 6. a Replay in TVHM reuires the same playthrough accordingly to your story progress.