Cistern of Slaughter Audio/Visual and Wave Start/Stop Issues

Not sure if this has been brought up or not.

But so far every time I have played Cistern of Slaughter with a group of friends we have had audio and visual issues.

The issue is that a lot of the enemy projectiles seem to be getting stuck floating in space with the sound effect stuck on a loop. This normally isn’t bad because during a wave you do not notice it. But between rounds it has become an issue. Best example is if a bunch of these projectiles with sounds attached to them gets stuck near the Starting Platform. They are so loud that you can’t hear each other talking before starting the round. The sounds are liquid or electrical. So standing there sounds like you are next to Niagara Falls or a Lightning Rod being struck over and over. Just wondering if there is anyway to set things so that at End of Round when the game respawns barrels and resets ammo boxes it can clear any left over projectiles/sounds.

Also, I have noticed that the Waves do not seem to be broken up. We will finish a wave and before Torgue can even do his count down, or even give us a few seconds breather, the next wave has already started spawning in. It would be nice to have a tiny gap between waves to at least try and grab/restock ammo.