Cistern of Slaughter...Insanely FUN

Finally got to play Cistern of Slaughter with some friends last night. We only played it on NVHM without Mayhem since one of the players is still working on his first play through and only level 22. But WOW. Really enjoying the insane chaos. And more players actually upped the difficulty and added more spawns. I want to say it was Wave 3 or 4 of Round 5 we had at least 6 of the enemy location symbols as Skull and Cross Bones. Final wave I couldn’t even keep track of the number of Bloated Rakks that were in with us. All I know is I started the match with literally zero cash, gave it all to one of my friends so they could get some more SDU’s. Ended the match with over $2Mil. And upped my GR almost 3 times. Can’t wait til everybody is ready for turning on Mayhem Mode and cranking it up to level 3.


Good to know - I’m still leveling/looting up, and am not sure I’m ready for this (though I suppose I could test the waters in NVHM). Anyway, where do I find this?

You end up finding Missions related locating the (3) Circles of Slaughter. Not sure who or where you get them from, I just do not remember. We actually tried to go there on one of our players account but he hadn’t gotten the mission that actually opens the door on Promethea. So we switched party leader and went there on his game. Also, don’t worry about what level everyone is at. All the enemies are scaled to player targeting them. One friend playing last night was level 22 when we started, and the rest of us were level 50. If we both targeted the same enemy, he saw them as level 23 for me they were level 51. So it was fair for all playing. We were all set to the instanced loot setting so everyone saw loot scaled to just them and couldn’t steal from anyone else.

No prob - I’ll be hitting that solo (might give co-op a year or so before I let the Internet anywhere near my save game files too). What are the three? Like in BL2, they were themed (Magic, Creatures, Bandits, Loaders/Hyperion Personnel); are these themed somehow?

Yes, the circles are my favorite part of the game. As well, sliding and mantling are fantastic for gameplay

Creature, CoV, Maliwan.

Creature would be my favourite if it weren’t for Bloated Rakk being immune to Phasegrasp and Prismatic Rakk in general.

CoV is considered the most difficult on Mayhem due to anointed and triple life bar rocket spamming badasses but is pretty easy on normal/normal TVHM.

Maliwan is crazy, in rounds 4-5 you get hit with bots for days. There’s also a boss fight which is reminiscent of double Saturns on OP8-10 DigiPeak.

ooh… that sounds fantastic.

I have always loved the Circle of Slaughter missions and mobbing is more fun for me anyway, but so far I have only played the CoV one and hell, even at NVHM Mayhem 1 that thing is no joke and if you have nothing to group enemies together, you might have to fight blind as all the rockets and grenades flying around make you completely blind. Still, it’s really fun and really rewarding. Honestly it’s probably the best legendary farm in the game if you just want to have fun without repetition.

I have solo’d all three of them. Cistern with the creatures so far is my favorite. The Bloated Rakk may be a pain…but the payoff is so worth it.

Slaughterstar with all Maliwan Enemies though…is insane. The mobs are so thick, great place for xp farming. Makes me wonder what the last round would be like on mayhem 3. The red and blue mechs are major fun to take down.