Cistern of Slaughter is ruined by Rakks and Bad Drops

Seriously, I’m so done doing Cistern of Slaughter. I’ve tried it with multiple end-game builds. The Rakks simply ruin the experience and make it tedious rather than fun. Players run out of ammo shooting all over the sky and Amara’s phaselock rarely connects due to some insane hitbox issue. Seriously, they simply ruin the overall experience. The Slaughter Shaft is so much better (and a ton of fun). Oh, and the Cistern gives about 10% of the legendaries that the Shaft does, both at the same Mayhem level (3). Definitely needs to be “adjusted”.


Yeah, I hate those rakk so much. Not a fun enemy to deal with


This was my favorite of the 3, but I am giving it a reast after two glitches where a hidden enemy prevented me from finishing.


tried this yesterday. lol screw those rakks. ammo isn’t enough and the ammo boxes doesn’t give out grenades.


This is the only one u can rejoin after dying. I normally, when grouped, will just run up the elevator and buy more ammo lol. But yeah the rakks movements are much to random and when the badass rakk wave comes out I just \wrists and hope I get lucky.


They were pretty obnoxious. I feel like it was only the end of round 5 that had a ton of them, the rest was all pretty easy until then. (This was normal and mayhem 1 though)

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Auto Bear with Railguns works well against them. I have a cooldown class mod and artifact, so my auto Bear has almost 100% up time, saves you a lot of ammo.

what i did with those rakks is i killed everything in the arena first and leave the 3-4 rakks. then i went near the elevator. the rakks seems to dive bomb you there and get stuck for a few seconds, once stuck unload everything at them until they are dead.

Let’s hope this week’s patch makes adjustments to the Cistern of Slaughter. I’d say more than half of the time I do a random match game with other players they end up leaving when the Rakks are out of control (which is most of the time).

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I don’t see why Rakks are a problem. Unless you are confident in your aim don’t shoot them unless they are dive bombing you. When they are diving you they are just a big crit target. The ones that shoot projectiles at you also are stationary in those moments.

3 words: recurring hex grenades


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Hive rocket launcher is your best friend in cistern of slaughter. Get a zane with barrier and 4 hive + zane clone and afk while watching your fps slowly die.

Couldn’t agree more.

Yeah it’s ridiculous, has anyone else had the bug where an enemy dives underground and gets stuck ?

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A couple of questions…

What Level are you at when going into the Cistern of Slaughter?
What mode and Mayhem Level are you set to?

I myself have not tried to solo Cistern of Slaughter on anything higher than Normal Mode with Mayhem turned Off. But it is possible to beat that final wave of round 5.

From another post that I replied to…

Yeah the rakks are definitely one of the most annoying things about cistern of slaughter atlas guns work pretty well against them of course that’s if you can be bothered to find a decent one go back and do the whole mess over I’d just leave it not worth the loot imo

yeah, burrowing turds that never come back and rakks flying off in the sunset.