Cistern of Slaughter M7

Anyone ran these since the patch? I didn’t get a single legendary, got 2 epics in 2 runs… On MH7… Wasted an hour last night.

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I ran it on M10. By the end I only saw 4 legionaries. The other zones work fine, this one just isn’t worth the annoyance of the Boated Rakks

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Eek thats grim, I really want an annointed Maggie and thats the best place for them…

Maggie is still a world drop, though. Just figure out what zone drops pistols. I’ve found a few good M10 Maggies as world drops, myself.

Havent ran it yet but if this is the case something is way way off! Thanks for the heads up tho.

Athenas is dropping pistols right now, but the drop rates are abysmal. Farming Traunt is probably your best bet.

I’ve had good luck with the event dropping Maggies in Athenas. 3 so far in an hour or so.