Cistern of Slaughter missing transition area

Has this been fixed yet? Still seems unchanged after the patch. Transition area doesnt seem to exist, all you see is the textures for the transition area, but it doesnt exist on the map, and has no button prompt to transition. As a point of reference, I have also already finished Promethia.

Where are you in the story with this? Read that it doesnt unlock until after skywell 27; though you could be lucky any que into it through matchmaking, exit, restart and go backwards from inside cistern

I finished Promethia, and have the quest to go to Eden-6.

Some say after talking to wainwright @knotty peak; some are still bugged after completing everything…so may be issue in itself

The first issue I had was that before the patch I had still completed Promethia, but the door that leads to the loading zone in the ally was sealed. After the patch it opened up, but the loading zone transition area is bugged out, so I guess they only fixed half of the problem.

I got into it through matchmaking randomly before i even discovered where the entrance was… so i can’t help beyond that