Cistern of Slaughter (solo)

It was suggested to me in another thread to do Cistern of Slaughter on M3 after main story completion as a quick way to level up to 50 before proceeding with TVHM. Just curious but should I be able to solo this at 38 on Amara? I’m getting my ass kicked. I guess there are 5 rounds with 3 waves each. I’m not even getting anywhere near 5 rounds. I think I got to round 3 once but more often die in round 1 or 2.

I don’t get how this is supposed to be a “quick” method of leveling tbh but I’m old so maybe I just suck. Just curious if this is doable solo at my level or have I been bamboozled into mass suicide? lol.

BTW…I’m not even dong M3…this is on M2 (normal not TVHM).

Actually I haven’t been past round 2 wave 3. I’m getting overwhelmed and I’m generally out of ammo for the one weapon I have that seems to do a lot of damage. Ties that bind seems worthless because there are so many mobs I’m just taking massive damage regardless. Not sure how this is feasible without more skill points.

Amara can have a fairly easy time in here when you build melee and tanky. As you may know Amara thrives in close quarters. The other option is going with the Tise that Bind build to help mow down groups of enemies and lock up those annoying Rakks. If your having trouble on mayhem 3 I would recommend turning it down. Something is only quick if your able to handle it with ease. I personally spend most of my time on Myhem 1 and 2 just because I don’t like being pushed to use specific weapons in situations they may not be optimal for just because a modifier crapped on my Pistole and SMG damage.

For Ties that Bind I would also suggest using Stillness of the mind for mass lockup.
If your doing melee get ether a Melee life steal relic or Unleash the Dragon from EL Dragon JR

Well like I said I’m not even 40 yet so I don’t have skill points to spare. Here is what I’m using atm as I work towards Avatar:
add +2 to violent tapestry and +3 to infusion from class mod

I guess I can try stillness of mind but then I have no soul sap which has been my primary way to get health back so not sure how I will survive without it. This is why I think it’s stupid that the default shock damage takes up an augment slot permanently. That also increases the cooldown of my AS by a lot which sort of negates more than half the bonus of Restless.

Thanks for the suggestion but that didn’t really help. Still just getting overwhelmed in round 2 wave 3. I guess this just isn’t viable (at least for me).