Cistern Of Slaughter still Bugged

Just a heads up I got stuck in Round 4 today thanks to a Bloated Rack that flew off the screen. Could still see him on the map. Then that red dot just disappeared and once again, frustration set in. I wouldn’t even have attempted it again if not for a YouTube vid regarding the latest Hot Fix. It said Gearbox was working on a fix for it. Guess I should have waited! :grin:

The temporary fix is a timer. If something gets stuck where it can’t be killed, it should time out and then respawn. You may have just needed to wait longer (assuming you had the hotfix applied).

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If it gets stuck it respawns in a spot its not stuck - that’s the temporary fix they did.

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Yep. I definitely had the Hot Fix applied. I bet I just didn’t wait long enough. On a positive note however, I went through a 2nd time without issue. And I got some decent goodies (best of all my Lvl. 53 Dastardly Maggie)…and it was an enjoyable time! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s still bugged. I did a run after the hotfix and one enemy got stucked here.

Did you wait to see if it despawned and respawned elsewhere? That’s how this temporary fix is supposed to work (because you can’t fix geometry issues via hotfix apparently)

We used a Singularity Grenade to pull the enemy out. Luckily I have one in my backpack.

Holy Crap! That idea was ingenious! Kudos on that one! :metal:t2:

Yeah, enemies still getting stuck for me. I was able to coax one out in round 2, idiot was stuck behind a pillar (that for some reason has an invisible wall in front of, so I couldn’t shoot it). Three more got stuck in the final round, final wave (yay, FML). I was able to target one, but the other two just kept moving farther way from the map.

Huh, so I guess one of the weird snake things had respawned so I went out near the chest to see if I could spot the other mob. Sure enough, engorged rak, stuck behind an invisible wall. I tried the singularity grenade but that didn’t work. I found a purple RPG and launched it at the thing. Maybe it timed out, maybe that EXPLOSION did the trick (Mr. Torgue would be so proud). But regardless. I was killed it and I’m done! Never to return.

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Either timer does not work or it respawns in the same deadzone. We had multi runs last night and it is definitely not fixed. We had to reset 3-4 times.


Are you sure the hot fix was applied. I thought the red chest was removed with one of the hot fixes?

Do you or anyone else know the duration of said timer?
It’s not like hex grenades and scourges work here like on the slaughterstar 3000 wall enemies so…how long are we expected to fiddle around for it to work?

We waited a good 10 min in our games yesterday didn’t we?

There are times where you will see the Hotfix applied sign but the game doesn’t load the data. The easiest way to check if you lobby ACTUALLY has the Hotfix data loaded on console is to spawn a vehical on Mayhem mode and see if its armor upwards of 100k depending on vehical and plating. If the hotfix isn’t applied the vehical will have lower then 50k

Atleast 5.

Yea. If enemies get stuck or are off the map. A singularity grenade pulls them out. Still needs to be addressed but at least there is a way out.

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