Cistern of slaughter

Cistern of slaughter glitched after killing the last enemy of the last wave of the last round. There were no enemies left, no enemies showing up on the Minimap. The quest would not progress. Waited 15 mins for something to happen and nothing did. I’m afraid to restart it if it’s going to glitch again after 2 hours of killing waves of enemies.


We had the same issue. Player wiped. Did the last wave again and it glitched again

Don’t do this mode until it’s fixed. Didn’t get the end loot. Very sad :frowning:

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Me too is happening, but I play on PS4 and it happened to me at the fourth rouind / last wave. I tried three times but nothing :frowning:


I had this same thing happen on ps4 in split screen and so we had one player wipe and then saw that the enemy had spawned back inside where you go down the elevator. So if you’re playing co-op you could try this.

I hope they are seeing this. Did you do it coop? Find this because it happened to me too of course.

A question about what you wrote. If a player dies while another team member continues is there a way for the dead player to join back into the fight? Me and a friend were playing one of the Slaughters (Star 3000) he died, respawned by couldn’t re-enter the arena as the doors were closed. Is that a thing? Or a bug?

This almost happened to me too. One of the enemies spawned by the Bloated Rakk ended up falling above where you find the elevator prior to entering the arena. I was able to shoot that with a sniper. I could hear another enemy and assumed it had glitched into the graphics somewhere beyond where I could hit it. After a couple of minutes I finally saw an enemy on the radar circling high above outside of the arena line of sight. Eventually that enemy, the final Bloated Rakk, decided to enter the arena where I could kill it. Flying enemies are wildly obnoxious in this quest and appear to get stuck occasionally.

@tropolite - I would assume that is by design. If you die during a wave, you will respawn in the safe area prior to entering the arena. While the waves are in progress the elevator and gate are locked. If your teammate dies you are going to have to finish that round without them. Personally I am a fan of this mechanic as the game is already pretty easy. The arena can be quite punishing if you do not pay attention and stay in motion.

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Thanks @baxford1990
I assumed that myself. I just wanted to understand more of the mechanics of the arena and get confirmation. And I guess, other than one chest being behind a translucent wall till the end of the match is the only prize (other than what the enemies drop of course)?

This is my second glitched fight twice now in a row. Last time a mob was trapped inside a wall, off the map. This time, nothing, it just won’t progress to the next wave.

Just wanted to say that this is still an issue. I’m sitting on the very last round with a rakk stuck outside the map, and it’s invincible to all damage. How convenient.


Still the case. I was so amped to have completed this just to have this crap happen

It’s actually a pretty easy farm because of the glitch though. If you jump up on the ledge to the left of the elevator when facing it, the round restarts for some reason. Still, would like it fixed.

Cistern of slaughter still broke. Enemies (Rakk) constantly stuck outside of map. Fourth time in a row on round 4. No way to complete round. What a waste.


Thats why i stopped doing it a month ago. So many things broken and no fixes, while we see nerf after nerf

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Wow 3 months later and you still have to solo any CoS to maybe not run into a glitch during round 5.

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Still broken. WTF?

This happened to me 3 times in a row last night. Not sure I can face trying it again.
Takes so long to get to the end of the final round, just for some random rakk to glitch out of the map.
Love the game, but pretty disheartening to see this is still a problem several months after release.

Same here, just happened to me twice in a row - sucks

Its usually a rakk I found if you go to the back near the water and look right it is usually stuck on the wall. for some reason it wont show on the mini map.

The best fix would also fix the least fun thing about the Cistern would be to remove the Rakk. They fly too high and erratically to really work in this setting. Replace them with Varkid if an arial enemy is needed. Varkid are more fun to fight any way.

Rakk still getting stuck on wall and you can’t shoot him level 5 end of round 4.