CL4P-L3K does not respawn

Just completed ERADICATE! quest and somehow CL4P-L3K does not respawn. I thought the March patch fixed this?!

When you completed the quest, did you lock him in the room or destroy him? I’ve always seen it claimed that if you wanted to re-spawn him, you had to lock him up; don’t know if that’s something they would have changed with the patch since there he was already re-spawnable?

Wait, I knew that. But why did they add CL4P-L3K’s “respawnability” to the patch then? I thought he is respawnable now, independent of how the mission was completed. On top comes that this bot is buggy as hell and won’t follow you at all. Thanks for the troll 2K AUS

I can confirm that CL4P does NOT respawn unless you selected to seal him in during the Eradicate mission.

Just got season pass last week so started two runs of Normal playthrough with Jack and Aurelia, so obviously this is after the respawning bossses patch i read about.

With Aurelia, sealed CL4P in during Eradicate and he respawns just fine.

With Jack I had the CL4P pathing glitch and was taking forever so i just killed him (because having read the patch notes archive re: respawning bosses fix I assumed it would respawn). Learned the hard way that this is not so.

Tl;dr - if you want CL4P to respawn for farming, you absolutely must use the seal in room option durIng Eradicate mission.

I can confirm that he does respawn even if you kill him.

Seems one of us has a glitch then, and i’ll believe either.

All i know is on normal mode, with my Jack character, i did the eradicate quest without sealing CL4P - and now he does not respawn no matter how many times i try to load/reload the game.

With my Aurelia save game though, same normal mode, CL4P does respawn for farming - but i did choose the seal in option this playthrough.

Yeah, I always kill him. And I tried farming him on my current playthru. He spawned but no 3DDIE. He spawned on my friend’s playthru also. Both of us are level 70 and were in UVHM.