Claim your Bloody Harvest rewards now!

For those that don’t know, this “Broken Hearts” event is really just a reskinned Bloody Harvest, and it requires the Bloody Harvest event to run in the background to make it work. Because of this, if you’re on the PC and start your game before the Hotfix is applied, you can hit Tab to go to your character and go to the Events tab, and it will be the Bloody Harvest rather than the Broken Hearts. If you then check you will find that the 4 rewards chests can be opened and you can claim your Bloody Harvest rewards.

So, if you bought your game for Christmas and weren’t able to get the Bloody Harvest skins and trinkets, this is how you can get them now.

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PlayStation 4 here: I noticed that I accidentally started before apllying hotfixes earlier and the Bloody Harvest rewards screen was up but I can’t claim rewards.

Is there a way for me too still gain the rewards for the Bloody Harvest cosmetics?

Harvest happened during one of the many times I lost interest in playing and I really just want the character skins. Is it too late?

If you didn’t unlock them you will probably have to wait till this years event.

Some stuff is reskinned but I am sure here will be some new gun or grenade plus a mini-map location.