Claim Your Marks With Pendles | Pendles Build Guide

Pendles is the latest assassin to hit Battleborn and the sneakiest snake around. A hitman for hire, Pendles never gets tired of killing and he’s using his skills to help save Solus. But how does one play as Pendles? Continue reading and you’ll master the art of stealth in no time.
In this guide we’ll be discussing the best Helixes and Gear for this slithering menace. If you’re having trouble figuring out why I choose certain things (since I won’t be including reasons here. Gotta drive traffic to the video guide somehow. Sorry), want to know where to get the gear and see it in action, or simply want to see the bonus section on countering Pendles check out the video here

  1. Cobra Strike
  2. Flash Bomb
  3. Flurry of Blows (PvP) or Mamba’s Bite (PvE)
  4. Savage Cut
  5. Escape Plan
  6. Sweet Spot
  7. Poison Blood or Coiled Spring
  8. From The Shadows
  9. Relentless Strike
  10. Depends On Enemy Team Composition


  1. Vow Of Zealous Fury/Best Attack Speed You Have
  2. Symbiotic Gauntlet/Best Attack Damage You Have
  3. Boots Of The Brute/Best Movement or Sprint Speed You Have
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Damn, still feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like Cobra Strike. I also use Savage Cut, which means no one will get away from me when using Miasma.
Other than that I use pretty much the exact same build. From the shadows is so fun to use too.

It really depends. It’s good for Mellkaing around and chasing, but the other option is a solid choice. It depends on playstyles. One is for securing kills, the other for doing more legwork

I prefer Poison Cloud at level 1. Cobra Strike can be off-putting during Miasma/Injection spam, and since the lunge itself has a narrower hitbox than the actual attack it’s easy to miscalculate and fly straight passed a target while circle-strafing. But my main reason is wave clear, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in and out of lane hitting whole minion waves with Injection then popping smoke inbetween kills and base clearing, you can kill minions and enemy BB who are attempting to wave clear simultaneously with this combo as Injection has that wide hitbox. It’s also great to drop smoke on a turret when you’ve been discovered clearing the enemy base knowing it’ll finish the job for you or being able to cloak and move on to the next thing earlier.

At level 5 I prefer Cloak and Cover for escapes but that choice is both situational and personal preference. If the opposing team has a lot of reveals and they’re seeking me out, I’ll take Escape Plan for panic moments.

At level 8 I take Acidic Blast for much the same reasons as Poison Cloud, I find From the Shadows counter-productive as you want to be smoking out not in, but it does synergise well with Escape Plan

For gear I run VoZF for so many reasons, but mainly because of the unique effect. During Miasma you’re spamming Injection which means you’re proccing the VoZF insanely, and faster attack speed means more activation of Relentless Strike as well as removing that irritatingly slow final strike of his combo earlier.
And the Bola’s Target Finder, more skill damage means more damage from Injection spam during Miasma, and also increases the damage from Savage Cut, and debuffing an enemy to take more damage after a skill means subsequent strikes of Injection during Miasma deal even more damage. It even buffs the DoT damage from Smoke Bomb both from the skill damage increase and the debuff, meaning even more reason to take Poison Cloud and Acidic Blast

And of course either a 0 cost shard generator or wrench. I think using three legendaries is reckless and selfish, sorry but that’s my opinion. Pendles is the prime shard gatherer, but to have all those shards and use them only on yourself is contrary to a team-oriented game. Building means earlier leveling but it also means assisting your team by putting up turrets which both strengthen your position and prevent the enemy from building, assuming you can defend them, as well as being able to drop back and repair lost nodes in base. As soon as I hit level 5, the gear goes up, but buildables should always be priority if you’re the one gathering shards on your team. Plus, a shard generator means faster activation of your legendaries, Pendles functions best as an early-mid game sweeper so getting him leveled early is crucial and he’s by far the easiest character to level. Wave clearing will only level him even faster.


The thing about Cobra Strike is it takes a bit to get used to. Once you master it they can’t escape though.

Not a bad build. A bit odd but everyone has their own playstyle.

I spend a lot of time playing Pendles and Deande and I thought I would enjoy the cobra strike, but I just love the extra damage from poison cloud at lvl 1. I found it helpful in tagging minions to get that easy XP and learned exactly when I need to cloud to have the smoke bomb destroy the buildables so I am exposed for less time. In PvE, the extra damage is really nice early on too.

As for items, PvP I always run wrench/shard both at 0 cost. For meltdown/incursion a blue attack speed, for capture, a white 0 cost.

PvE, both Vows and a shard generator, the mission/team depends on the rarity of the shard generator.

For the most part, we are on the same page.

I respectfully disagree for one simple reason. But before I give the reason I must first qualify that it’s map dependent.

Pendles can consume enemy shards better than anyone. Therefore it’s not selfish for him to use enemy shards to activate his gear or build buildables thus denying the use of those shards by the enemy team and leaving his team shards available for his teammates. This best maps for this type of behavior is Monuments and Echelon because [most in the case of Echelon of] the shard clusters are so clearly delineated by base boundaries.

I’m sorry to say that I’d have to respectfully disagree with that. Regardless of map, if you’re farming shards only for your own purposes, that’s contrary to cooperative play. If you run a triple legendary loadout but prioritise building over activating gear then I could admit myself wrong, but as a generalisation I seldom see triple legendary players building, and that further detriments themselves as well as the team as they’re too busy rushing to activate their gear and getting left behind in levels. Then they either feed or quit and I don’t know which is worse. Levels > gear, and if building takes priority over gear then building = levels.

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I 100% agree with you!

Even if the Pendles was running Quartermastery Bin?

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Yes. It doesn’t matter what character you are playing, 1800 shards are never worth it for an item in PvP. I personally have found that blues are more effective than purples, I really enjoy the stacking of that boost.

PvE, go for it, run your 3 legendary items.

So if I can manage to get my team to an average of 15k-20k shards without them ever having to grab one and flooding the enemy team with super minions and Max buildables while still clearing waves
I’m not doing it right?
an extra 36,000 shards is nothing to scoff at

Your entire team could run triple legendaries

This is exactly why I run full legends. I tend to go for the enemies shards. My team still gets shards and I get to be a beast.


With Pendles I can easily get all 3 in a few minutes (roughly 10) while still killing and building. I just focus enemy shards. Its all personal preference though. If you don’t like it then there’s the alternative I included (which is there for that very reason)

Dependson the added effect and how easy you can get the shards. The added effects on all 3 of these are insane but it comes down to preference for the most part. I would suggest trying it at least though.

Lol. You get shards, you get shards, everybody gets shards.

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This was directly after his release

Wow. That’s unreal. Lol