Clairvoyance drop question

So I’m arguing with this guy on a group who’s telling people it’s a world drop and to my knowledge it’s only from Kritchy.

He pulls up articles saying it’s and increased chance to drop from Kritchy but you can get it anywhere in the DLC.

So I’m asking on here not necessarily to prove him wrong but I don’t want him sending people on wild goose chases if that information is false I don’t care what a web page says I want to know what actual players have seen. I mean I’ve farms tom/xan a lot and I mean a lot along with all my friends and if a clairvoyance was a world drop I’m almost certain we’ve had seen one.


As much as I’m sure of anything with this game, I’m sure that Clairvoyance only drops from Kritchy.

If it does world drop, it’s hyper-rare, as in worse than Old God.


I dont know why the fandom says it can drop from anywhere. Its never dropped anywhere for me. But kritchy

I mean he said he got it from Tom/xan but I’d swear he’s lying but I don’t know cool if he did but why tell someone to go there when the best chance is Kritchy. I mean I like to troll and be an ass but I won’t send someone on a fruitless endeavor just for ■■■■■ and gigs

well thats bad advice as i solo both tam and xam

They dont even turn into super bam or whstever combo.

Never seen it. Sinxe the hotfix theyre dropping more world drops also im.amazed.

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Thank you I mean good god he’s making me feel like a veteran at this game…this quarantine is getting to me man I’ve NEVER argued with someone like that on the internet ugh.

Trust me I wish he was right I’d love to have a chance at the clairvoyance anywhere in the dlc but Christ

Sounds like the guy believes everything he reads on Reddit.

It’s a Kritchy only drop.


kritchy only. I’ve never gotten one to drop from anywhere else.


Kritchy only… He’d need video proof of it dropping from anywhere else… But trust me, it’s only a drop from Kritchy. Console dump files are proof of that.


Gotten many, but only from Kritchy. If it was a dlc world drop, I’d probably have had one by now.


Have only got it from Kritchy. Have played the game for more than a1000 hours. One thing through, since the introduktion of mayhem 2.0 I havent been able to get one to drop. Cant say that I have been trying real hard but not a single have droped for about 30 kills on Kritchy. Think its bugged right now.


Unfortunately i think its kindnof weak now when it was my favorite gun i farmed for it got a good version without an annoint it tickles… It really shouldn’t tickle regardless of anoint.

Its sad it was my favorite gun and it felt awesome till 2.0

Im speaking on m10 terms and its m10 damage.

It’s gotten completely outclassed. By the powercreep.

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You’ll need the masher version to make it more effective. I use it on all my builds. It is still viable, provided you get a god roll masher. So, good luck!

I have a 5k + gatlin masher loaded. Which is the highest dmg version but crap annoint

It doesnt perform without an annoint like some of the new stuff saddly u can make it work with ase’s and stuff but u can also make the newer weapons work the same way and they blow it out the water.

I use one with 150/50 rad anoint. It’s up there with the top tier, but does fall behind a little bit. It’s a good alternative to the OPQ just for the fact that the latter can put you in ffyl if you’re not careful. The Clairvoyance masher holds its own pretty well.

I didn’t want to open a new thread, so I write my question in here.

Is the drop rate so bad for Clairvoyance or is it a bug? I’ve been trying to farm them lately, I don’t even know how many attempts they were. I didn’t get one, the Kritchy always droped purple stuff for me.

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Its been freaking weird man.m since april 23rd i had trouble farming it on mayhem.

One week itd drop sorta sometimes.but no good anoints next week a hotfix n dlc items hardly drop

I gave up on finding my old loaded gatling … And masher varisnt with a. Good anoint. It was so weak at m10 it wasnt worth my time anymore

I cant tell.if buffs did it justice but wirh what i seen i wouldnt bet on it.

Its dlc 3 weapons or bust.