Clairvoyance not buffed

Has anyone else noticed this? Jakobs ARs were buffed but for some reason my Clairvoyance ARs from DLC 2 have the same base damage as before–all my other gear was buffed per the patch notes (COV ARs, Tediore SMGS, all pistols, etc.).

There seems to be a bug with Jacob’s ARs and pistols. Prepartch, my M10 Lvl57 Clairvoyance was 13k and my Maggie was 2167x6. Post patch (hotfix) they were 17k and 2500 something x6. But when I save quit, without closing the app, the Clairvoyance drops back to the 13k, but the Maggie jumps to 3290x6. This is true for all Jacobs ARs and pistols. I’ve filed a ticket, and they seem to think it’s an issue with hotfixes conflicting with each other, but I still have to submit a video, so they can see it in action.