Clan, or lack thereof

I’ve done a bit of searching, and haven’t found a single clan geared towards battleborn. I miss the vibe of playing with a bunch of online friends (destiny, wow). Any chance someone out there has founded a battleborn clan yet, or is the playerbase still to small to support it?

What times are you playing? I just posted-LFG PVE-Evening shift worker, you can find my GT through there.

I mostly play evenings, however since I’m mst, your late night happens to coincide with my “evening” lol. I’ll toss you a line later when i get on :slight_smile:

Hey there I am not on all of the time as I am a student at the moment but come July 7th I will have all kinds of time before next semester, add me and whenever I am on I would be more than happy to play. GT: Lez B real87

HMU whenever I’m on

GT: TheMadStacker