Clan Recruitment - come join up!

Hi there, I’ve just set up a private group on, in hopes of finding some regular players to team up with. I’ve had great experiences using this site with my Destiny clan, so upon finding no sessions or groups existing for Battleborn, I decided to set one up.

This group will be a great fit for you if…

  • you are 18+
  • want to play Battleborn on weekends and evenings in North America (other regions welcome of course if our times work for you)
  • comfortable with profanity
  • like to plan games ahead of time
  • can take the game somewhat seriously but also have fun and keep it positive
  • can abide by the following rule: be excellent to each other

If that sounds like you, click the invite link, sign up and start posting games! If you don’t think my group is right for you, I’d encourage you to set up your own on and start recruiting. It’s an excellent place to group up for anyone who wants to meet new players and schedule sessions in advance.

Hope to see ya there!

EDIT: Just wanted to include a note about me. I’m a married 35 y/o gamer in Chicago with an FPS/RPG background. Manage Photographers by day and usually game by night. Never done the MOBA thing, but I’m loving Battleborn so far. I just know I’d love it more with a group!

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Been looking for a Battleborn page, joined up right away. I loved for Destiny and wanted to use it for Battleborn

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Excellent! Hope to play with ya soon! There are 5 members now, so we have one squad at least :wink:

Awesome, have you thrown up an ad on Reddit also? it’ll grab people sometimes

Only in the BattlebornLFT sub so far. Was going to do r/Battleborn as well but chickened out.

Good call making this. Loved that site for Destiny and met some people I still game with.

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Wanted to give this a bump and shout out. I joined up a couple of weeks ago and my battleborn experience changed for the better.

For those who don’t know this site/group works differently than most lfg’s. Instead of posting for groups in the present groups are posted for the future. This allows you to plan for when you want to play and group up.

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