Clap trap dlc question

I have the handsome collection digital and was wondering how am I getting the clap trap dlc. Will it be a code I get in a email or will it be just a update that gets prompted?

It is part of the release day update. Once you put the game in your console, it should download and install a (very large) update. The DLC is included in this update. In order to play the DLC, fast travel to the location.


what location is it, I have the holodome, and the dock, is it the dock, thanks for the speedy response man.

Yes, Dock 13.5 is the new location (note Harry Potter reference if you have read that).


Yeah i got that reference. Hey thanks for the reply man. Was just confused. Never play TPS waited on it since I knew they had to make a next gen version. Thanks again.

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Not a problem, glad to help. Enjoy, TPS is a blast.

Note that the DLC is pretty high level, you should probably beat the first playthrough before heading there.


yeah me and my bro usually play through the story then ht up dlc. How is the holodome dlc? is it also a high dlc, im a 24 right now.

Yes, it is also high level. I think it is also supposed to be after you beat the game so they are both probably level 30 or so. I only played them after second playthrough so I am not exactly sure normal mode levels but that is my guess.


ok man thanks again for help, going back to butt stomping. have a great day.