Clap Trap Locations - SPOILER!

Below is a 2min Video which I made in 1080p of all the claptrap locations. It may reveal other things too. All time-stamped so you can go to the area you need easily.

I am surprised anyone actually needs Videos or Tutorials on how to find any of the items from Crew Challenges. If you actively work at removing the “fog of war” from every area of every map, turning it from brown to blue, you will find everything from the Crew Challenges. The only difficult part might be some of the jump puzzles to get to the Radios.

It’s not always a matter of difficulty, it can be a matter of convenience. Some players don’t want to run around uncovering the entire map, they just want to get to the point and get stuff done.

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I understand what you are saying. But it just seems like a waste to me. Brand new game comes out, and instead of enjoying it by scouring every location, finding every thing for your self, soaking up all the cool little details…you blow through the entire game, use outside spoiler info, and hit the end of the game as quickly as possible. Now given I myself use tutorials and such, but I wait and use them once I have completed the game to find what I may have missed. Not to just blow through the game.

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Not so. Some of these challenges can only be revealed if you are in very close proximity to them. Removal of the fog of war occurs at a farther distance than triggering a Crew Challenge icon. This leads to some challenges being completely hidden while the map shows all areas disclosed. This is particularly evident in circumstances where the challenge is above or below the indicated area on the map.

Good effort.

Personally think these were easy enough without, but I’m a former BL2 player who scoured every map (as we know secrets are everywhere)…and did the same in BL3.

Only thing I needed assistance this time was a few of the red chests.

BL2 it was those damned vault symbols