Clap traps locker quest from bl2 is done

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.
Don’t know if anyone remembers from bl2 when you had to open claptraps storage locker to transfer equipment between characters
For those that do we have destroyed the destroyer of worlds amd there is a quest the claptrap gives you called raiders if the lat rock where you have to get Brown rocks that are called 133 373 brown rocks. So i want to know if there are other quests from the tasks claptrap assigned before he said screw it.
Post if you find other tasks in the form of quests and or rare spawns.

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I believe there is a quest on Pandora where you help defeat Ug-thak.

Sweet im glad they decided to do the actual quests intead of leaving them

do you get the storage locker? Thats all i am interested in lol

It is the bank vault in your room on sanctuary III

oh. so it is the same locker now. I did not realise that. I wish an NPC mentioned it was for other characters too. anyway thanks for telling me

Np i had to Google it

Clap trap is a jerk, he blew off jobs he knew about for 7 years, and knew enough about them to at least send someone to try and do them.

Unlocking his secret stash in BL2 he tried to have you do all the clap list ads that he sends you on in BL3
-Collecting the brown rocks the 139.377 is the designation given for the rocks in BL3 (Raiders of the Lost Rock)
-Killing/destroying Ug-thak for the Lord of Skags (instead of killing “Ug-thak, the Lord of Skags” like Clap trap thought) (Echonet Neutrality)
-Pilfer the lost staff of Mount Schuler (did Claptrap steal it in the first place?), for Ace Baron (Healers and Dealers)
-Defeat the Destroyer of Worlds (Transaction Packed)
-Dance, dance, baby (Baby Dancer)