Clappy campaign is a linear dlc?

if this is true, it will be the worst borderlands

After watching this and hearing about 10 extra levels… Ability to reach all 3 capstones and n9w SMGs with explosive shells… My body is ready

Going back to old places in Borderlands is gonna be awesome.
But I hope they didn’t leave too many parts out (or “glitched”) since they said that Claptrap can’t remember everything and that the world is built from his memory.

Looking forward to all the new weapons though, but not really the increased level cap.

I havent seen the vid yet, but 10 more levels?? Realy GBX/2kaus??? Goodbye build diversity. I hate to admit this to myself, but i think im done with this game.

This is what caught my attention most…
Maybe we can somehow fight the old Invincible bosses ??

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Yes please, more raid bosses. I’d like new ones but sure, old bosses could be cool as well.

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I’m stoked about the ten extra levels! What if there are relevant class mods to boot??? EPIC!!!

Aurelia; Level 70 celestial class mod??? NOTHING will survive.


Not to mention 3 capstone Nisha builds!!!

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Cannot wait! Looks superb!

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Aurelia is way overpowered at 60. She is an ice carnivore.


What do you mean linear?

And what do you mean worst? Why?

Regarding revisting old locations did anyone see any areas from Borderlands 2 in there? Logic wise he wouldn’t be able to remember some of those people, places, enemies because they might not have happened to him yet. They could write that away though by saying “hey, I’ve heard about this really terrible scary dude called Hyperius” or “jack told me about the warrior and this is what I imagine he’s like”.

Also, he could easily have visited some borderlands 2 areas any time before TPS I suppose. It would probably be a stretch if he knew of Tiny Tina though.