Clappy DLC - Accessing Side Mission Help - Spoilers

Hi guys.

Ive just started The Paychology of a Claptrap main stiry quest so im a decemt chunk into the DLC.

Whenever i pass through the Motherless Board, I see a mission (Corrosion of Dignity) that just seems to be hanging in the middle of nothing.

Has anyone figured out how to access this side quest yet?

Can’t remember when exactly in the main campaign this happens, but you have to get past the point where you’ve unblocked the data streams on the right side of the map. If this makes no sense to you, keep moving along with the campaign and then it’ll become clear how to get there! Until then, don’t bother looking for creative ways to get there. As I did. Repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve done the part where you unlock that side but the orange data stream just pushes me past it and the EGO-TP statue thingy.

Is there some way to drop out of the orange and blue stream things?

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Yes, you can drop out of a stream anytime by pressing Crouch.

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Thanks man. Of course I somehow forgot you can crouch.

The motherlessboardis actually a damn decent combat / loot area!

I’m loving how this DLC actually makes Corrosive useful again!

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