Clappy DLC - More Vault Factor!

Was anyone else really excited upon reaching Overlook and seeing that they were having a damn WANNABE VAULT HUNTER FIGHTING COMPETITION and then very disappointed when you werent’t actually able to engage in any cool tournament combat there?

I was hoping that there would be maybe a little Circle of Slaughter type dealie there, at least some sort of combat, rather than just revealing the truth of the area, the Clappy vs DONK cutscene, and then the terrible event!

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that’d be awesome, kinda like torgue’s dlc but in one area would be cool. i was more upset with the mutator arena after the holodome. the holodome shoulda been a more fleshed out mutator arena.

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I havent played the Mutator arena yet - what’s it like?

And sorru are you saying you are disappointed with BOTH the mutator arena AND the holodome?

not exactly disappointed with either, but i feel the holodome was a joke and a mess. the spawns that get stuck in the back of areas, the gigantic size, stupid optional ‘quests’, powersuit felicity for no reason and without a notable drop. the mutator arena shoulda been the holodome, but more fleshed out. the mutator arena is pretty cool but not big enuf for my horde mode lovin side. it seems that ertain options give rewards and others give none, so i pick what ever one gives me a red or glitched chest. it does offer more of a ‘challenge’ and doesnt take 30 mins to do cuz you gotta run all over to clean up stuck mobs. and try lvl 9, its crazy.

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I prefer the arena at the moment. The mutators add a lot of replay. Plus the shorter length. Badass round of the holodome takes me an hour in solo. Mutator Arena is easily half that or less. I’ll guess it’ll average out to 10 to 20 minutes, depending on difficulty selected. Arena is like an action packed doom 2 death match level. Holodome is more like a large sniping arena from something like unreal tournament and with game settings that make it last 45+ minutes.

Yeah, the Holodome takes soooo long solo.

And so repetitive and same-y.

It’s a Holodome, for Zarp’s sake!

Give us some variety of enemies!

Most of the head and skin rewards i found my characters already had glitch unlocked, they give WHITE and GREEN class mods as rewards?

Sure, theyre unique, but WHITE and green?!?

Felicity dont drop s**t, some cool blue guns drop some times (have yet to see Purple GEAR drop, only skins), and the unique weapon rewareds are cool, Flamey drops an Orange RL often; doesnt seem all that worth doing unless you need the exp!

Chronicler of Elpis and the unique guns seem to be the only reason.
So time consuming, so mostly boring.

Tragically under-supported, yet again.

the exp reward isnt bad IIRC for the BAround with almost all BAenemies, but it is tedious. i wish that the shock drop had a repeatable BAround and it still boggles my mind why it doesnt. the new mutator arena is what the holodome shoulda been but it should be bigger and more options. the mutator is a step in the right direction and i like it alot, but kinda limited!