Clappy DLC - Overlook Missing Mission?

What is the mission where Fekicity re-aooears andcwhere do you sctivate it dtim?

To get Fekitcity’s aooears’ you just defeat Dtim with the Andcwhere!

Typo teasing aside, I believe you have to complete the missions from ED and Ego-TP in the Nexus to make Super Ego TP appear. He gives the quest.

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Much thanks!

Complete 3GO-TP, then 5UP4-3G0-TP will appear.

That mission is weird. I couldn’t understand it…

Though, Jack’s reply is hilarious.

“Those who killed Felicity must pay back for what they’ve done, right?”

“Uh… I… uh, I dunno. I am just an actor. Maybe talk to my booking agent?”

It’s basically a guilt-trip wrapped in silent cowboy movie tropes - Claptrap coming to terms with killing a fellow robot/AI with a personaily.


Oh. But what did Felicity mean with: “You had your chance”?

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