Clappy help please?


I have decided to start a Clappy and would like some advice on certain things such as,

  1. What should I be leveling first?
  2. What gear should I look out for?
  3. What type of gear is most effective e.g. smgs, pistols, ect
  4. Am I making a bad choice?

Thought I should add I play purely solo and thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

  1. Get killbot and safety first.
    Rest is up to you, I’d like to go down the left and middle tree as clap, don’t like the right tree too much.

2 and 3: look at the top gear list.

4 bad choice in what? Character selection?

I’d recommend going down the Boomtrap (left-most) tree first (avoid “I am rubber…” with Torgue Fiesta action package since it kills teammates & isn’t useful solo either). That tree is very synergistic with explosive weapons so look for Torgue shotguns and pistols plus some type of freezing gun (SMGs work well) – freeze then explode is very powerful. One point in the right-tree at top for Safety First is invaluable for survival, too.

Look at the top gear thread here in the Clappy section, plus builds, for many other suggestions.

A bad choice – NO!! Well, Claptrap is a “mistake” & “glitched” but therein lies the fun!

4 is always a bad QUESTION when it comes to character choice in these games. All of them can be played just fine and well.

How does it pair with explosive damage? I know it does through a 30% increase to explosive dmg skill, but that’s not till later in the game.
.if anything he should be looking at something to pair up with CC from boomtrap tree. Fast shooting elemental weapons or even a tmp to try and get explosive proc.

Aside from that one skill that increases explosive dmg ,how does clappy really gain explosive dmg?

Fixed this for you,

Most of damage on clap comes from OLT, no matter explosive or not. Because OLT works like it does, explosive happens to benefit the most out of it.

With claptrap, he is temperamental no matter what skill tree he is specfed into. Personally I used the boom trap skill tree with leftovers in I love you guys, both are good choices. it is pretty powerful, and the capstone skill cannons are ridiculously powerful boss killers, that being said, you need good gear as well. The 3dd1.e oz kit is a 100 necessity as it heals you and damages enemies. EriDian vanquished class mod is recommend ed as well, also pick up an audacious sapper clads mod. Use mainly cryo weapons as explosions deal more damage to frozen targets. This has worked for me as I have beaten all three play through and have several legendAries with him

The Eddie is one of those noob crutches like the Rosie, nowhere near a necessity, especially if you’re not using lasers. Things like the Systems Purge/Duality Combo or something Like a Tranquility is way better for his DPS, which in turn helps his survival. Even the Moonlight Saga is a billion times better as it turns your guns into moxxie guns in a vacuum.

Also the Eridian Vanquisher is one of his lamer COMs, I mean it boosts Elemental Effect Chance, Air Control and Max Health, all of which are either not very useful or detestably counterproductive to what he wants to accomplish, like NOWHERE close to being one of his best coms. If you were gonna boost elemental effect chance for something like cryo anyway use a Chronicler, it gives you additional Damage and shield cap with your freeze chance, while boosting WAAAAY Better skills. Arguably his fourth or fifth best COM, if even that, but there are definitely several better COMs to choose from.

I mean, I agree half and half, I have used it, but I agree that the celestial deathtrap would be better for me if I could find it. With the of kit I prefer to use tranquility because of the 26 percent damage increase. Also, With a torgue shotgun and an audacious sapper class mod you can dominate absolutely anything. The dps is REAL

Also, any advice on where to farm the celestial class mods? X stlk23?

You gotta grind for the celestial, but there’s no point its arguably worse than the vanquisher even.

More importantly, what are you specced into? If you think the celestial mods are ■■■■■■■■ when they give plus 5 and cool down rate then how exactly do you even play

I play with the good skills? You do most of your damage by boosting OLT or LnS, your action skill is a glorified heal that sometimes gives you sh!t that wont kill you. No matter your Spec 2-3 of those celestial boosts are flat out worthless. Accuracy boost from Suprised Stabilize does almost nothing unless ur using shotguns, Blue Shell and BB4L only really work when you’re dying (Albeit it’s a strategy to just accrue death bonuses unless you’re specifically using that strategy for whatever reason they’re both situational and not very useful), Maniacal Laughter is ONLY useful if you’re applying a lot of DoTs or are Using a Cryo Weapon (You might as well use a Chronicler at that point). Then you get to the actually good Skills. Killbot and Drop the Hammer, each of which are boosted in loose cannon and Sapper coms respectively, while the LC and Sapper Coms offer boosts to LnS and OLT. So at the end of the day your legendary COM is only better than other COMs when you’re specifically making a build where you down yourself, and even that has limited use.

I’ll give the celestial one thing, it gives you crit and thats somewhat unique.

  1. Rainbow Nova
    2.Brotrap Classmods
    3.IVF SMG’s
    4.Not at all.