Clappy & Jack Team Lv 28 Looking For 3rd & 4th Players

Ok so my younger brother and I had 2 players of our 4 player team (Athena and Wilhelm) drop out, and we are looking for at least one, hopefully 2, players to replace them.

We are both level 28, have passed Normal playthrough (with many side quests not done), passed Shock Drop Slaughter DLC, have done 2 rounds of the Snooze-o-dome (er, I mean Holodome) and are about to start doing the Clappy DLC before going into True Vault Hunter mode.

Looking for hopefully experienced people (I had every Borderlands character in every game at max level before my old PS3 died) who are willing to share loot and take their time with the game as it is my brother’s first time playing the Pre Sequel

Hopefully looking for players within 1 or 2 levels of our current level.

My PSN is FilthyLittleGod and my brother’s is Rockermotion

We are hoping to play hard Friday and through the weekend.

We are in Mountain Standard Time and we can usually play between noon and 5 pm and then again from 9 pm on weekdays and then literally anytime over the weekend.

Please either reply to this thread, send me a private message or add FilthyLittleGod on PSN.

Thanks in advance, anyone who can help!