Clappy vs. RK5?

So yeah. I’m currently in UVHM and have to fight RK5.
I play a standard explosive Clappy. Badaboom, Nukem, Flakker and Moonscaper as guns.
Sham, Purge Oz kit, Meganade, Sapper class mod.
And I have bis issues fighting the jet.
The main problem is that he’s out of range with most of my weapons. Flakker is literally useless. Badaboom too slow and has way too big spread on such ranges.
The only option is to Nukem the guy. But that’s a major pain in the butt aswell.
So can anyone give me a tip which gun to get to fight him? Something that still kills him relatively fast and actually is able to hit him. Sadly Bullpup isn’t an option anymore.

A corrosive “The Machine” is the best weapon/easiest weapon to get mid story.

If it proves too difficult to get then the Wet Week is an easy farm, you’ll just have to lead your shots.


A corrosive Droog or even a corrosive Hyperion shotty will also help.

Hell, I was once in the same predicament as you, explosive clappy, nothing corrosive, so I just ran and picked up the Sploger. Took a bit of doing but I managed.

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been awhile since I’ve used Claptrap much, been focusing more on Jack and Wilhelm, so kind of rusty when thinking about clappy, but do recall that corrosive is the best way, some guns I remember taking RK5 out with is a corrosive viral marketer, the machine, and a couple of “Glitch Guns” farmed from Claptraps DLC

Yeah. I wanted to keep my Machine in Shifty since I’m not max level with any VH. But I’ll try it with a Wet Week or a normal Droog.

I’ve had good luck with any decent corrosive SMG, blaster, pistol, or shotgun. Shotgun is great with an Ack Ack oz kit because of the extra damage.

You can farm it legitimately now too since the hotfix (so online only I think). It’s decently common in vendors (more so than legendaries) and it’s extremely easy to read-only farm it from the grinder. Iwajira is an easy and quick farm for Flakk-trap to get the ingredients.

Wait. You can farm Uniques from the Grinder?
How? With Greens?

Only the 4 hotfix uniques. Post 4 is the recipe I used for a shotgun.

Odds of getting blue from greens remains the same though, so be prepared to either burn a lot of greens, or dashboard a lot. Also, the uniques aren’t guaranteed - you may OR MAY NOT get them when you roll blue.

So I just used a random Corrosive Maliwan on RK5. Was surprised how easy it was.

And to the Grinder part: Let me guess. Lady Fist is not grindeable, right?

Correct, it’s not even legitimately in the game “yet”.

Ladyfist and the heartbreaker are the only two left right?

Fibber, Bad Touch, Good Touch, Chere-amie, and Creamer.

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Is there a Pimpernel equivalent in TPS? I haven’t seen one (or a renamed version) myself, but that doesn’t mean too much.

Nope they never added any BL2 dlc weapons or gear to TPS. But if you ask me the Laser Disker is basically the Pimp of TPS. Not in that it’s a sniper, but in the amount of sheer power and versatility it has just like the Pimp.

Late to respond to this, but situations like this are why I will not leave Concordia without a weapon of each element. Well, I’ll leave to farm Iwajira for them, or for raw materials for the Grinder. But even if you’re going to focus on explosive for Clappy, still make sure to have a back up.