Clappys brain pains

so help me forum members , I have been looking but cant find ANYTHING… why is there so much in overlook in extra content (challenges ,bosses ,etc) but I don’t/cant find any bonus stuff in the Pandora bank? please tell me if I have missed something PLEASE. sure there is nostalgia there but I didn’t buy this to stand around and “remember” the good times I had here. again im not trying to be critical here , overall I think its a wonderful dlc, just wish there was anything in pandoras bank. and a fast travel in the middle of the sub conscious would be welcomed too.

thoughts / answers ?

Bank? Do you mean memory bank/level? I found the level of fyrestone to be very disjointed. I could recognize the medical bay but that was about it. I need to look around further and see if the bus is there somewhere. I’ve only done the main story so far. I think there are two side missions on that map, right?

2 side missions and no boss to go back to, quite a disapointment sadly :confused:

I prefer Pandora’s colors a 100 times more than this bleak overlook.