Clappy's Robot dlc has Legendary loot everywhere now

I’ve played the heck out of this dlc since it was first released. With the new enhanced release I’m finding legendaries everywhere, in white chests, in the trash, in the non-daily section of machines, etc. Doing the Tires quest for Marcus I found 2 Hellfires. I’d list more but you get the idea. note: On the first play through I normally do this dlc when I hit level 17 then com back to the normal missions, well leveled, this time I started it but didn’t finish and when I went back at level 31 everything in the dlc was level 35-37 so be careful with that, it was a bit more of a challenge since those nasty shock shotgun clappys can one-shot you. When you do the mission to turn the power on Robot Knoxx will be level 37 and as you know he’s using shock and is quite the bullet sponge.