Clapsatic Voyage availability time?

So when will we be able to download the DLC?

About 6-8 PM for Eastern time. I don’t know where you live, so just change what I said according to your time zone.

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Now, @ 77% and counting

Ha! Still nothing for me! CST

Nothing for me yet on PS3 :frowning: me is very sad been waiting all day

Not in the game’s menu but went to PS store and it’s listed in BL:TPS Add-on content. Since I have the Season Pass it lists the DLC as Free! Try this if not found in the in-game menu!!

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I kept checking the PS Store myself as a season pass owner, still nothing unfortunately. Guess i’ll just have to wait a bit more, may have something to do with my timezone (EST)?

Mine wasn’t finding it earlier, so I restarted my system and went to the PS store from the XMB, and it had an update. Then the DLC showed up. Hopefully that helps!

I’m EST as well.

downloading now! thanks for the help :slight_smile: