Claptastic achievements issue

So I played the whole dlc. Story and all sides missions. Loved it.

Im on the 360. So the achievements pop up like usual when i complete them, but when i look at them in achievements, it sill shows “53/53” instead of “N/63” as the claptastic dlc has 10 more. My gamer score still goes up too it seems. Not too sure whats going on here, its never happened to me before. Is there a way to fix this, or is it a ‘wait for a fix on their end’ type deal?

I am being a bit impatient, but i’m looking to finish the achievements before buying the handsome edition tomorrow >.<

EDIT soo… my xbox 360 is now saying 53/63 achievements for TPS when it should be saying 59/63. it also says my gamer score is 31637, which is correct when applying 59/63. odd.

i re-downloaded my profile and my achievements and gamer score got reset back to 53/53. i thought sweet, ill just play it again.

i started up again, got the first achievement and still 53/53 and not 54/63. problem started all over again.

i dont know whats going on.

I’m having the exact same problem.

on PC, I’m getting the achievements as I progress through the DLC but no notifications pop up. So I’m basically finding out what I have unlocked at the end, or at the beginning of a STEAM session. Bizarre. For example, this morning, when I launched STEAM I found out that I had unlocked ‘Totally Recalled’ - yet I had no in-game notification when I was playing last night.

this problem has been corrected.

i probably should have updated, maybe.

Has there been an update or am I gonna have to recover my gamertag and start the DLC again?

i had to recover it and do it all again

I had the same issue. The problem was MS did not load the achievements on until after the DLC was released. Now that they have been loaded, your console and the site can sync.

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These cheevos are still locked for w.e reason? Can anyone help?