Claptastic Final Fight glitch?

I think I’m stuck because EOS is not reappearing. It seems stuck in a cycle of Shadowtrap, Doc Zed, Tannis, and Lillith holos and rounds of EosBugs and the occasional badass attack. This has gone on for 10 minutes. I’ve taken the opportunity to reload my ammo, but haven’t seen EOS reappear after running around the arena. Any ideas?

it happened to me the first time I fought him, you just have to save and exit

Same here, exit and reload. You will remain at the EOS fight but at the start of him.

i had that glitch just a moment ago, saved and quit, and now in the middle of the fight he instantly regens all of his life, like i died and left the arena, but im alive still and shooting him. this is becoming very cyclic. any ideas?

Did you kill all the badasses that spawned when he left?

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ummm idk. why would that matter and reset the fight if i didnt. i dont even remember seeing a badass every time… ugghhh :tired_face:

have you noticed that if you dont kill the badass fast enuf the fight resets?

This damn thing is hard enough to kill already without getting cheated by glitches. Thanks for the input, people!

at the first part where he disappeared and killed 2 badass glitches and he came back fine for now… WTF a shadowtrap clone spawned in! i dont remember seeing that before!

killed the next 2 BA glitches and he his back fine… for now…

well killed him this time. dunno if it was the BA glitches or not but he d.e.a.d. dead