Claptastic voyage audio breaks in motherless board

Whenever I play in the motherless board the audio for the entire game breaks. No sound effects, gun noise, music, characters talking. Subtitles even go away. It makes the game unplayable and quitting to the main menu does not fix the problem, you have to shut the game off completely. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Having the same problem. Seems to be related to how long I’ve been playing, but not sure. Happens in Subconscious, too. Terribly annoying, especially when you’re trying to do a side quest and you can’t hear the mission nor see dialog as subtitles. AND…
When the sound problems start, I also get hangs whenever I open the Echo - becomes totally unresponsive (and dead silent) for about 30 seconds, then lets me select things for a couple seconds, then hangs again… pretty much unplayable at that point, so I have to quit out of the game and then get back to the point where things went south before it starts happening again.