Claptastic Voyage BLTPS

So I was thinking of talking about the claptastic voyage dlc again in one of my videos Could you Guys & Girls leave what made it fun/boring here so I can review it. Trying to be accurate this time.

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The dlc is so fun, what i really love is the name of the enemies, the dlc thematic by itself is so amazing. And the glitch guns such a nice mechanic.
The only boring part is the quest because it is always go there do this, go there do this, defend this, go there kill this, lacks variation.

(sorry for my english)

  • They had really funny ideas that played off being inside a robot’s mind
  • Lots of little details and secrets to find
  • Looked cool, and it was fun to go back to “fyrestone” and “overlook”
  • Glitch weapons are great
  • Legendaries/uniques are great
  • funny quests, interesting story. Actually gave me feels at the end
  • Cortex arena is one of the best things I’ve seen done by fps games in the past decade or so.