Claptastic Voyage Boss

I got to the end of the Claptastic Voyage DLC on UVHM, but I’m having an INSANELY hard time beating the boss. Eclipse was crazy hard, but I finally managed to kill him after 6 or 7ish tries. I was really happy, but then he came back as Eos, and after I died, I just gave up cause it’s not even fun anymore. I was wondering if there’s some trick or secret to this fight, cause it doesn’t seem like it should be this hard. I also heard him yell something about a “torrent gun” or something a few times, does anyone know what that’s about, or if it could be the trick to the fight? Playing as Athena btw.

I can say one thing, having Claptrap’s “kick him when he’s down” skill really helped keep me up after getting taken down time after time. You are right though, that boss is all but impossible, I tried about six times, kept getting him down to his last third of health, but every time I would eventually run out of second wind time and have to restart.

It might be easier in a team, but I seem to be the only person on my friends list that still plays this game.

Overall though, this is a great dlc.

Now that respawnable bosses are back. Here’s a cheap strategy.

  1. Farm the Even-More-Disgusting Tork in Stratons liver
  2. Obtain Flakker
  3. Obtain a purple or higher rocket launcher (preferably torgue)
  4. Flak swap him to death.

Cheap strategy for a cheap boss. That health size is ■■■■■■■■.

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This boss was very hard, I did manage to beat it though (solo) I mostly jumped around and used the launch pads the whole time while shooting his turrets first then getting critical hits to finish him off. If your having to much trouble try playing it co-op.

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Man, it took us around an hour to beat the last 3 bosses on UVHM. My general strategy was to Flakker the dang Eclipse in the balls. That glitched shock laser quest reward before the fight was also pretty nice too.

We were getting really annoyed at the recharging shield junk…

For me, I’d want him to get an Invincible version


You mean to tell me theres no trick to this? Me and my wife beat on this boss for like an hour, we both managed to die at the same time, and I just basically said screw this, as my wife was getting super frustrated dying for the nth time. She had like 3 mil in cash, and is down to 400k. now shes mad. Hopefully theres something we’re all just missing,

There IS a safe spot of sorts, though I can’t guarantee always working.

If you stand behind the throne at the sort of middle part in the level, Eclipse will jump next to it/on top of it, and be looking down at you without being able to hit you. This doesn’t work for the whole time, but it’s something I’ve noticed. His crit spot is hittable as well.

Had a CS Athena with me, but he couldn’t pull off the 999 stacks thing at this boss. Guess I’ll have a go at the campaign with my Athena next to see it first hand. Had a terrible time using Aurelia at this boss.

Having a really hard time soloing this guy on UVHM with Aurelia, can’t even count how many times I’ve died so far. Almost feels impossible because I can’t even take his shield halfway down without being pounded into the dust

The little bridge thing in the center works well against the first form. You just have to keep crossing to avoid the laser.

Once he upgrades, that doesn’t work as well as he has those mines. I basically started doing laps around the room.

It was frustrating at first, but most of my deaths were my fault.(don’t stand in the lava)

I was playing Aurelia, and her action skill was no help against the boss.

I did have a Glitch rocket launcher that fired 9 rockets for the cost of one when it was gold colored. But it holds 8 rockets, so you really only get a couple reload chances to trigger the glitch. It would be nice if chests and enemies actually dropped Rockets.

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Both Eclipse’s and EOS’s attacks are dodgeable though, all projectiles are fairly slow in this fight. Shame there’s not much cover though, you basically have to keep moving. I agree he has WAY too much health though. I fought him with a perfect 61 Maelstrom Athena and the most powerful of my attacks didn’t nearly as much damage as I would want. His health needs to be rebalanced badly

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After a solid hour spent on this boss and a handful of failed attempts last night, I also struggled during this fight. The story portion of this DLC was able to get me up to level 61, but most all of my gear was still level 60. I was playing as Timothy.

I think Eclipse has a weak point on his back that is more vulnerable than his head. The only problem is getting behind him long enough to shoot it… He always faces you unless he is in mid air or transitioning between attack phases.

I think that there might be some trick to this fight that I am not seeing… If two players were in this battle, one could distract him while another sneaks up behind him and shoots the weak point. I do not know this for sure since I have yet to try this one in co-op.

A trick to defeating EOS is shooting the eye when either the moonshot or eye of the destroyer are charging up. This exposes the critical point, and seems to bypass the enormous shield.

OH, and one last thing, if you have picked up any glitched weapons, use them! I discovered how insanely powerful my valdof pistol was after it “glitched” into a rapid-fire shotgun TMP. I also had a vladof sniper that turned gold and became an insanely powerful burst-fire rifle. I am not sure I completely understand these weapons yet, but they made a huge difference, especially in the first phase of this fight.

He has the voice of piston… nothing more need be said.

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I knew it sounded familiar.

I’m not sure if you are saying he is a cheater, or if you are trying to discount the boss just because they used the same voice actor?

I have to give GBX credit though. Shadowtrap is defiantly one of the toughest bosses in the series. Instead of a final boss, they gave us a final RAID boss lol!

I noticed those glowing vents on his back too. When I was able to hit it with a Flakker, lol HP chunk gone.

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Anyone wanna co-op?! hah GT: ii No Beasty

I just beat him and my god that was tough. It must have taken me 20+ tries and even when I did beat him I needed non stop second winds and 450 maelstrom stacks.

Awesome final boss for a pretty awesome DLC

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I’m on ps4 and my psn is POTCW if anyone wants to join me and try to take down the final boss

If you are Claptrap going against the Final Boss, The Mongol is your friend.