Claptastic Voyage DLC Bug. END OF LINE Quest

Can’t complete mission “END OF LINE” because of a bug. After releasing of Hope and Self-esteem and when they came to Claptrap’s consciousness, they just stands and do nothing. I re-entered in the location, but then i saw that there is no Hope and Self-esteem and Claptrap’s consciousness just stands near the entrance. Trying to interact with him causes nothing, he only answers “I’ve got nothing”.

One of the probably little solution is to find a player, who have not done yet this quest…

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I have this happening as well - what’s supposed to happen there?

Same here.

Is there anyway to restart the quest?

Same prob here… and same for this guy
… and obviously many many others

On steam you just need to hit the box of the clapstastic dlc and then hit it again at least it worked for me :wink:

Fairly sure that after two years they solved this dude :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: