Claptastic Voyage DLC bug with END OF LINE

Today receive so critical bug with quest “End of Line”. After releasing of Hope and Self-esteem and when they came to Claptrap’s consciousness, they just stands and do nothing. I re-load in the location, but then i saw that there is no Hope and Self-esteem and Claptrap’s consciousness just stands near the entrance. Trying to interact with him causes nothing, he only answers “I’ve got nothing”.
I have made video with this bug, check pls!

can you fix this bug?

Doesn’t look there is you can reset your playthrough or just reset the quest in the G word that nobody is allowed to talk about

do you play online alot this sounds like a progression error caused by unlocking the subconsious before you have completed the preceding missions. when you play online you have access to missions and areas early so when you go back to your own game the subconcious is unlocked but none of the quests will activate until you complete all quests leading up to that point. check missions its easy to miss a mission if you skip ahead in online play.

I finished the DLC 1 time as online - everything was fine! When I started to take 2 times - this bug appeared! I do not understand about the quests you say to me. all the story quests completed, except “END OF LINE”

how can reset the quest?

okay, i have reset game progress and now all is good