Claptastic Voyage DLC Part 1 Not Downloaded? WTF?

I have tried everything. Clear system cache, delete and re-download in correct order, and it still says “Part 1 Not Downloaded” on the dlc menu. Gearbox, I am this close–> <–to despising you with all of my BEING! Just please respond! Thank you in advance!
Edit: the ftn is there, as is the claptrap map. So is this just a network error or what?

@tcranki – there’s actually two parts to the Claptastic Voyage DLC on XB360 due to file size restrictions:

Make sure you have both downloaded, and you should be good to go!

I had the season pass. I downloaded part 2 before part 1. It said i needed a title update to install it. It said part 1 was not downloaded in the in-game dlc menu after said notification. I went in game and found it to be showing on the fast travel network. Both parts are listed as being downloaded on my hard drive in the settings menu on my 360 console. So tell me WHY THE FRAK IS IT SAYING “NOT DOWNLOADED” WHEN IT IS CLEARLY DOWNLOADED ON MY KARKING HARD DRIVE!? TRANSPARENT REGISTRY GLITCH OFTEN!?

EDIT: I am insanely prone to periodic fits of major frustration. I apologize, once again, in advance.


Did you download the compatibility pack as well?

Yup. Said so on my hard drive under settings. I even cleared system cache and downloading it again in reverse order. This is one bitch of a glitch I must say.

EDIT: I also downloaded the compatibility pack within the game’s main menu. The only two options left for me are to: either download the pack again in the game’s dlc menu rather than the main menu, or download the pack again from marketplace instead. I will try both methods and see what comes up.

EDIT: Yep. Says I installed the compatibility pack in the dlc menu, but not part 1. Part 2, however, IS installed.

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I am also having this problem I have been sitting in disbelief since 10:00am this morning, its now nearly 7:00pm I also downloaded part 2 first thanks to xboxlive but that should make no difference. Any help would be appreciated…

Same issue here, part 1 says not downloaded in the main menu downloadable content. I have downloaded all 3 items and they show on my hard drive. Sounds like nothing is working based on what tcranki has tried. Hopefully you guys get the kinks worked out soon.

EDIT: I don’t know if anyone has tried it but I went on to play and noticed a new area called Deck 13 1/2, I went there and the Claptastic Voyage started. I went back to the dlc content at the main menu and part 1 still says “not downloaded” yet I’m playing it right now.

Fix it Gearbox, or this claptrap dies --/

Team is looking into this now. In the meantime, please let us know if any of your troubleshooting efforts are successful. Deleting, clearing cache, redownloading, etc.

Mine now works for some reason wtf
either it was fixed or starting tvhm fixed it

I have tried downloading the season pass download item again from the dlc menu, still does not work.

Oh, also: you have three days to fix this bug or Claptrap P. Claptrappington gets fatally shot in wherever his critical weakpoint is, regardless of whether you have it fixed by then or not. So, you know, get the metaphorical bug fixes legs on and start running. Until then, ciao.

EDIT: Wait, yours works again, what the what!?

Is it working for you guys now

Nope. Tell me exactly what you did that made it happen.

I just restarted the game loaded true vault hunter mode up instead then went to a fast travel and tried to enter the new zone and it worked ? I notice it still says its not downloaded in downloadable content though

Yup, mine’s been working since I edited my post. I was already playing TVHM and went to a fast travel station and Deck 13 1/2 was there.

Same here, normal mode (since it is the only mode I have unlocked thus far.). Weird that it would say that.

Tried TCHM, and it did NOT work for me. Tried again in UVHM, STILL not working. I have deleted and re-downloaded 5 times (In the process of 6), cleared my cache multiple times in between downloads, did the title update, EVERYTHING. STILL not working, Jeffybug GBX Community Manager, Please help.

Same problem, i have redownload, clean chache and still get the message to update to the latest version of the game.

Still with same problem, redownload both parts 4 times and the compatibility patch but still can´t get it to work, cant´same 1 from GBX help it this??

took the money for yet another faulty product