Claptastic Voyage end boss glitched?

Tried 6 times to kill him and everytime he eventually just dissapears! Minions keep coming but he is gone. Help?!

Are you sure it isn’t just the part of the fight where he disappears to regain his shield? I think you have to kill a bunch of the minions he sends out before he appears again. Unless you mean something entirely different, then I’m not sure.

I’m not entirely certain you need to defeat those minions, sometimes they’ll disappear but he’ll come back after the shield is fully recharged.
Speaking of glitches, after I’ve whittled his shield down more often than not a tiny sliver auto regenerates (1% or less of the shield hp bar) unless he’s under attack. My question is does this happen to anyone else? Kinda annoying since that means his “Shield is down so I’ll comment on it” lines activate every few seconds cause in the time to reload, even if it’s only 1.9 seconds, it regened that tiny amount back.