Claptastic Voyage Ending Cutscene Freezes

Okay, so I’ve been playing this game with my boyfriend literally all night, and we JUST beat the final boss. Not gonna spoil it because I know some gamers can be anal about that.

Anyway, after we beat the final boss and turned in End of the Line and started System Shutdown, the ending to the DLC played out fairly normal. When it got to the scene where all the red Claptraps were working what looked like customer service and suddenly short-circuited, the game crashed.

We tried EVERYTHING to get it to work. Restarting. Turning in the mission as different characters. Trying to skip the cutscene, which by the way, YOU CAN’T, and seeing if terminating the process in task manager will help. None of that worked. So here I am doing a full reinstall in hopes that maybe. JUUUUST maybe. I can turn in System Shutdown, get the reward, let the really stupid, unskippable ending cutscene play out, and move on with my Borderlands life.

And most importantly, my save file. If I’m screwed, then fine. I guess I’m not ever playing that DLC again. Not until a friggin update, anyway.

…well. Post-reinstall, the game decided to spawn me in Deck 13 instead of 13 1/2, and when I tried to turn the crap in, the unskippable cutscene played. And the window got smaller.


Basically, everything’s fine now and I’m not totally effed out of my save data. Alrightie then. Going to sleep now. Because I honestly don’t care.