Claptastic Voyage Glitch Guns Farming

I NEED help on farming glitch guns for the claptastic voyage DLC. Any pointers other than Cluster OVERL00K?

Welp denial is the best one, but you can also spam the guaranteed one on one of the story missions if u have a char that hasn’t done it yet, also u could farm eclipse.

can’t think of the mission, but I have farmed it for all my glitch weapons, its one of the earliest story missions, the one where Hologram claptrap takes you through the prison and you see the claptrap that says “Pancake, Pancake. No, No pancake”. follow clap through the prison, out and around to a jump pad take that, at the bottom let clap open the large door and a chest falls out, this chest always has a glitch weapon in it, grab the weapon then save and quit. farm it by repeating this over and over, I never have had a repeat weapon yet from doing that.

Also, very important, proceed no farther then that chest or the save spot just around the corner will screw it up.

denial subroutine is a good way to get them. EOS drops them too, but the farm is longer. however, you can also get new and vanilla legendary gear. so your call.

I usually go mobbing in fyerstone. And loot all the chests. And i get some from enemies and the chests in that area. If you do 2 to 4 runs of that map. I bet youll get a few.