Claptastic Voyage legendaries not appearing in grinder

There is a post about this on reddit, but I thought it would get more views on here. I have been unable to get any of the new legendaries out of the grinder. Using the one in the Nexus, I have tried for a couple hours and have seen nothing but the vanilla ones. For example, using 2 legendaries and a purple laser I am getting nothing but the Min Min Lighter, ZX-1, and Cat o’ Nine Tails time and time again (I’ve seen around 30 of them). I don’t think my game has correctly added the guns to the pool, and this is definitely a bug that Gearbox needs to address.

Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution? If I deleted and reinstalled the DLC, would that screw up my level 65 Claptrap because the level cap upgrade was included?

If you aren’t already doing this, you have to use the new legendaries from DLC with a purple. Say, for instance, you had 2 luck cannons. If you got a purple laser, you could grind the longest yard or absolute zero, along with the legendaries in the base game.

Yeah I actually just noticed that on another post. I wonder if it was intentionally that way or not, but I feel like it shouldn’t have to be like that. If the vanilla legendaries have a chance to come from a DLC grind, it should work the other way as long as you own the DLC.

Game must just not be nice to you, I was able to get a Thunderfire using a Cheat Code, Invader and purple laser.

EDIT: Just now realized that at least one of the guns was a DLC gun and that might have been why it worked for me.

I have got a few of the claptastic legendaries by grinding 3 excalibastards.

Had a couple of Thunderfires. absolute zero, luck cannon and omni cannon

I have been doing all my grinding at concordia as well

I didn’t even think you could grind the excalibastard. Unless that gun is read differently somehow, I guess my game is bugged. I still have to get a DLC legendary to drop so I can test them in the grinder (I sold the under leveled ones I already got before I started to grind).

I’ve been trying to grind the new weapons for days with no success, using a mixture of omni cannons and thunderfires and purple guns,or all thunderfires etc,nothing. You cannot moonstone grind two of the new legendaries with a purple either. I’ve only been able to grind different versions of the meganade

I have been grinding these. Two cheat codes and a pistol got me a luck cannon, a luck cannon a cheat code and a purple got me a fusillade, etc etc. I have NEVER gotten a claptastic voyage weapon without grinding at least two claptastic voyage legendaries and even then I seem to get a ton of logan’s guns and blowflies.

I just got a Laser Disker from the Concordia grinder using a Fragnum + ZX1 + Purple Splitter. Can post a vid if people want to see.

EDIT: Tonight is my lucky night. Just did a Hellfire + Thunderfire + Purple Splitter and got an Absolute Zero back.

Finally got one last night, a thunderfire and two omni cannons gave me a longest yard. The problem is that although you CAN get one of the new weapons they are in the same loot pool as all the old ones and when you add up all the different prefixes that is LOT of options.

I don’t know how you were able to do that; I guess you were lucky the game worked like it was probably supposed to. But I finally got all the DLC legendaries I need from the grinder after farming for the longest yard. It seems like the chance to get them matches the percentage of new legendaries in the total pool.

So the new rules are something like this and please correct me if I’m wrong.

One. The new legendary’s can be ground from either grinder.

Two. However in order to do that you must have two of the new legendary’s in the grinder.

Three. It is unsure at this time what new legendary’s in combination will grind and what will not.

Four. It appears that 2 legendaries and a purple are no longer Moonstone grindable for a guaranteed legendary.

Five. It appears that purple splitters are a good purple gun in combination of a new legendary grind.

Six. The only all purple moonstone grind is a Mod grind using three purples and moonstones.

Seven. It would appear that folks showing up in your game with a legendary with Lunashine effect is no longer legitimate if it was at level 70. As it appears this option is no longer available from the grinder.

You can still moonstone grind old legendaries with purple weapons to get a luneshine gun, but it doesn’t work with the new dlc weapons.

I don’t know about #7 but I can still do #4

Can you describe your circumstances.?

Platform and what two legendaries you ground with a purple
What purple
And which Grinder.

I did not have many legendaries to test…but could not get a moonstone grind on any combination of two legendaries I used.

I could not
Old grinder

Zim and Nukem
Nukem and Nukem
Zim and Maggie
Nukem and Maggie

I’m on 360 and I can grind any two non DLC legendaries with a purple and moonstones to get a old legendary,I could do this since dat one,however I can’t moonstone grind any new legendaries

I’ve only ever tried the Concordia grinder

Point 2 is wrong, literally posted a contradictory grind 3 posts above.

Point 7 is wrong. I have 2 legitimate ZX-1s with luneshine. They were made with 2 non-CV legendaries and a purple laser.

I as well did not get this behavior but it is hard to tell since I could not moonstone grind therefore limiting the chane.

Well I did two more hours at the grinder last night and was able to grind two old legendary’s with a purple in a Moonstone grind.

So a old legendary with Lunashine is still possible. I have been still unable to get Lunashine on a new legendary.

And last night the grinder was acting totally different than the night before.

Exact same two weapons and purple and one night I cannot moonstone grind them, and the next night I can.

And I was online and I assume that any hot fixes have been loaded but my understanding is that it no longer requires a hot fix for the correct behavior. As that has been patched not hot fixed.