Claptastic Voyage Not Fixed yet :( i want my money back

Ive tried EVERYTHING . Nothing has worked . I have the Compatibility pack i have DLC 1 and DLC 2 I payed good money for it . And it still says not downloaded i cant fast travel to deck 13 and a half . SOMEONE with answers please help :frowning: So far there are many things wrong with the pre sequel . BTPS Devs listen to your community . If things like this arent fixed dont expect happy customers

ive Played BL 2 and BL 1 And bought DLC for BOTH ! and loved them BOTH . Why is it that in BTPS the game that was supposed to exceed the standards of BL 2 and BL1 has failed to do this :confused: Im still waiting on a fix for lots of things . and im not the only one who feels this way . Now dont get me wrong i love BTPS but these issues like the un-necesary iwajira nerf and Not being able to play DLC i payed 9.99$ Plus Tax for makes me want to go back to BL 2 and 1 instead of continuing to enjoy this game

It’s working for me, although the game claims I still haven’t downloaded part 2 of the Claptrap DLC. This is the sequence I used when the DLC came out (note that I bought the season pass):

  • Deleted out the old updates and compatibility packs
  • Downloaded the update
  • Downloaded the compatibility pack
  • Fully quit and restarted the game
  • Checked that there was no update/compatibility loop issue
  • Downloaded Claptastic part 1 (the very large one)
  • Downloaded Claptastic part 2 (the smaller one)
  • Quit and restarted the game
  • Was told I still needed an update; ignored this and played anyway since both parts were confirmed on my disk
  • Fast-travelled to the starting point (Deck 13 1/2)

If that doesn’t work for you, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket.

Just to fill anyone in . I play 360 So keep that in mind and . Gearbox is filled to the brim with complaints and the complaints wont cease until a fix is released . Ive tried EVERYTHING . If i didnt try everything i wouldnt be here .

Well, I figured you were on 360 - same as me. Hope you manage to get it working, because it’s a really fun DLC.

I cant manage to get it working . Gearbox needs to fix it . Im not letting my money be stolen .because they cant release a working product

I know you said you have tried everything but that doesn’t tell me much.

Have you tried installing the dlc (part 1 & 2) without the compatibility patch, going into the game and try to travel to deck 13 1/2. The game should then say you need to update and give you the option to do so.

From memory, this is what i did and the dlc works. It still says part 2 is not installed but I have been playing since release.

Good luck

I dont think you understand the concept of EVERYTHING . If you need the definition of everything by all means just ask for a link ill post it . Ive done that . Ive done everything . The only way i , a paying customer whos played all 3 games and bought dlc for all 3 games , will be happy is if i get my money back , or if this gets a Patch

All i hope is that gearbox understands the frustration of the Community on these issues and Fixes them in a way that the COMMUNITY likes best Not in a way that gearbox thinks is best for US .

No need to be rude as i was only trying to help. I’ll remember to NOT try and help you in future.

I understand that you’re frustrated, BUT…

Having spent many MANY years helping trouble shooting all kinds of problems, I long ago gave up assuming that “everything” literally meant “everything”. Most people use the term hyperbolically to mean they’ve reached the point of frustration where they just give up. Given the number of permutations, however, I (or anyone else trying to help you) can only know if you’ve truly done everything if you actually list it all out.

Or you can stop being hard headed and Listen when i say Everything means EVERYTHING

Frustration is fine, but dont start attacking others for it. That’s not welcome at all.

Then They should take what they see literally instead of asking me have i done this have i done that i already submitted a support ticket and got a response . Official Gearbox staff didnt help at all . Maybe thatll give you an idea of everything . At this point i only want my money back . Which they have said they are in the process of doing . So thank you for your time .