Claptastic voyage not working on ps3

is anyone else having this problem ive downloaded and installed 3 times now but its not showing up in game or on the games dlc list but it is in my psn download list

I’ve had the same exact problem. Reset the PS3, made sure everything was the latest updates, still can’t get it to work. I’ve downloaded it numerous times, “installed” it (I put it that way because it acts like it installs but actually doesn’t), and it doesn’t show up in the game. You go to DLC on the game menu and Claptastic Voyage isn’t even an option for download. I’ve downloaded every other DLC just to see if one of those others maybe had something… NOPE still no love. I just want to go on a magical adventure in Claptrap’s mind with my girflriend for Christ’s sake…

Hey guys- sorry you’re having issues here! Submit a support request to the link below and the team will help you get sorted out ASAP.

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Thanks I’ll submit a ticket there. Didn’t know this was a resource. Appreciate it.

No problem! Hope that helps!

So I sent in a ticket like 4 days ago and got nothing back. Anyone know what’s going on with this dlc?

Did you figure out how to get it to work yet? I never got a reply from the ticket I put in.

Nope… Still waiting as well. I put in a ticket and since have rebuilt the database as well as restored the file system to see if maybe either of those options would kick it through. I’ve made sure every piece of software is up to date (OS, PSN, the game itself) and they all check out. Claptastic Voyage still doesn’t appear under DLC options in game but I can go and download it from PSN under Add Ons and install but the game never recognizes it and doesn’t let me access the content. I’ve got plenty of free space, 341 out of 500 GB so space is not the issue. It’s pretty frustrating. I’ve been passing the time though with TaleTell’s Game of Thrones Episode 3. :smiley: I swear to Jesus I’m going to destroy the Whitehill house…

Yeah I’ve been playing back up on Diablo 3, passing the time. This whole thing is starting to make me mad. I bought the season pass and this is what I get. It’s rediculous

So last night for some reason it just started working. Claptastic Voyage doesn’t appear under DLC still but if I were you I’d back up your data rebuild the database then restore your file system and then download and install. Go into game and look for Deck 13 1/2, it’s near the top of the destination list and hopefully if the Borderland God’s smile on you, you’ll get to play. Good luck cdavid.

Hey I recently got back into TPS with my friend but the claptastic voyage won’t even show up as a downloadable dlc for us just wondering if we need to get the first UVHM level pack first before the dlc. If you could just solve this it would be real gr8

Should’ve bought an Xbox.

I’m sorry.