Claptastic Voyage Not Working

Part 1 of 2, 2GB one, will NOT work on my Xbox 360 Console!! I am in the process of my 6th download of it today, and it will not accept it. I can see it downloaded in my Account Download History, I can see it on my Hard Drive, but will not work. I’ve deleted and cleared my cache multiple times for each try AND fail. I have also downloaded in game from the Fast Travel in Concordia and after it downloads, it disappears then says Download Again from the Fast Travel!!! Cannot stand this, someone please help.

Getting the same problem and says that i have to update to the latest version of the game, can any 1 plz help??

Yup!! And after it said that, (the DLC Menu said Part 1 of 2 was DOWNLOADED but not INSTALLED), and then it went right back to saying NOT DOWNLOADED on the DLC menu yet again… if you hear anything about this PLEASE let me know siegpaulo. Are you playing on 360 as well??

yep on 360.

Now mine is staying yellow and says Downloaded, but it will not Install and go to green text…

Not sure what I did but I had this same problem till habit ago. I had everything downloaded, then deleted part 2. I restarted the game and it asked me to download part 2. Then I went to downloads in game to download part 2. Then it said I needed to update game. I went to fast travel and dlc was there. Even though in download content, it said part 2 was installed but part 1 just said downloaded. I had this problem for about a day not sure exactly what I did to fix it.

Exactly the same just downloaded it and it keeps saying I need to redownload it God im starting to think I just wasted 10 dollars on a dlc

Same thing for me, I have downloaded the 2 parts and when I click the Fast Travel it tells me to download the dlc again…

Come on Gearbox, get your **** together, I want to play that awesome dlc.

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Have you tried deleting it all? Then download Part 1 first in the dashboard and DON"T LEAVE THE SCREEN. Then repeat for part 2 in dash. Mine still says it’s not downloaded but I can play it. After intially DL’ing 7 times the day it got released, I gave up and was playing and suddenly realized I was gaining XP on my 60 Wilhelm. SO keep your eyes open!

I was having the exact same problem earlier tryin to download this, I downloaded both parts and said part 1 was downloaded but not installed so after pulling my hair out and wasting 2 hours of my life, I thought to delete just the part two and redownload it from the BLTPS title screen and when I started the game it said all I needed was part 2 to play so I redownloaded it and voila

I tried everything: clearing the cache, downloading the 2 parts at the same time then separate, downloading it from the title screen, when playing, NOTHING WORKS…

I will wait a couple of weeks to see if the devs release a patch for this, after that I will call MS for a refund, that and GBX will lose another customer.