Claptastic Voyage scaled WAY down?

Just beat TVHM at level 48, so I jumped straight into Claptastic Voyage and found all enemies and quests were scaled down to level 39-40, even the ones after the intro. Anybody know what happened here?

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are you sure you selected UVHM?

No, I actually specifically wanted to not do the dlc in UVHM because I figured the last boss would honestly be too much. Does the dlc not scale at all in TVHM?

Having this same problem! Tried several times to play the Claptastic Voyage after TVHM and every single time it has been almost 10 levels beneath me. Can’t find the solution to this problem and after looking everywhere I was beginning to think I was the only one with the problem. Nobody anywhere knows anything about this!!

Well, glad I am not the only one this has happened to. It would be nice if I could find a solution, though.

Do you turn in the quest to unlock utvhm? Restart, load char again in tvhm. it should scale to 50 like bl2 as they share the same system.

Thank you for the reply. What we did was beat TVHM at level 48 and then we got off. Next time we got back online we selected TVHM and went straight into the Claptrap dlc and found everything severely under leveled.

EDIT: By ‘we’ I mean my coop partner and I, felt I should clarify.

Try to complete the first mission, the next one should scale to your level.

TVHM won’t scale … completely… maybe a few levels.

Only UVHM will “fully” scale.


Only played the DLC in UVHM (scaled) and NVHM(31-35). I don’t know what the TVHM levels are supposed to be.

Max level in Claptastic Voyage @ TVHM should be either 42 or 52. I don’t remember. But I think it’s 52.

I went in to the DLC in TVHM after completing main story and at level 48-50 (don’t remember which) and it was at level for me. You (OP) didn’t accidentally visit the starting location when you were still lower level did you? If so then, even if you immediately travelled out again, the first part would be locked at your level at that time.

No, we most definitely never accidentally traveled there. It’s worth mentioning that this is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve had this problem, and nothing we try has worked. is this like, a rare glitch maybe? Or maybe it happens when UVHM is unlocked?

Same happened to me. Boss was only 46, lol. Still fun though.

I wish I could say it was still fun, but I have a hard time enjoying myself when I’m just one-shotting everything in existence

What level were you at when you first entered the DLC? I’ve done it on 2 separate characters. One started it at lvl 35 on TVHM and then came back, everything was still low leveled. Waited until completing TVHM and did some end game farming and started the DLC at 50, everything was scaled.

Don’t know how to actually fix the problem to get it to scale though.

I entered the dlc at level 48, all enemies were scaled to level 38 or so. On a different playthrough I entered the dlc at level 50, and all the enemies were STILL level 38 ish. Literally the only time I’ve seen the dlc at the correct level was when I went there in normal mode (on a different playthrough) after finishing the campaign, but then that made that character far over leveled for TVHM’s campaign.

As one poster said you should complete and turn in the first quest and see the level.
Tbh though at level 50 or 48 there is not much point in playing the dlc unless your going to flip to uvhm right away as you will not get any xp.

Yeah we completed the first mission or two to see if it would even out, but it did not. And honestly the point of playing the dlc for me is to just enjoy the game. I’m not one for farming or any of that so I pretty much play through the game like it was any other, or at least I try to but this crap with the dlc not being anywhere near my level is really hurting my enjoyment of a game I have otherwise really loved playing.

You could try starting UVHM in game, quit and select TVHM and go back to DLC see if everything level 50.

I went through TVHM with a Lv-60 Wilhelm, and everything was scaled to 50, with bosses around 52. Just bought Claptastic recently, so no Normal or UVHM modes yet. It was fun that way too. Some laser-eye badass bot FFYL’d me in like 2 shots once. The final fight was no picnic either. I rather enjoyed it, even though I only got like 2 segments of experience on the bar for the whole slog.